The Regeneration Programme

Background to the Regeneration Programme

The initial proposals were to formulate Vision Statements for both areas by the end of 2007 and to have a comprehensive Regeneration Programme finalised by September 2008.

Vision Plans

From September 2007 staff of the two agencies engaged with residents, community groups councillors and all other stakeholders with the aim of developing a ‘Bottom up’ approach on a strong vision statement for both regeneration areas.

This was done through new local participative structures such as Regeneration committees, resident fora, surveys, door to door contact and through other arrangements to ensure full consultation and involvement from the community and all its stakeholders. There was also extensive consultation with Statutory and Community Organisations as well as the Business and Construction Sectors.

The Southside Vision Plans , and Northside Vision Plans encompassing all physical social and economic Issues were launched in January 2008 by President Mary McAleese.

The Regeneration Programme:

The above Vision Plans informed Development Briefs which were allocated to a team of professional consultants which were commissioned by the Regeneration Agencies in February 2008.

The Agencies advertised nationally and internationally for such consultants in early November 2007. The following teams of Masterplaners were appointed and began their work on 27th Febuary 2008.


O’Mahony Pike Architects + Urban Designers, (Dublin)
Thompson Architects & Designers, (Limerick)
Brady Shipman Martin, Planners (Dublin)
Llewelyn Davies Yeang, Economist / Spatial Planner & Urban Designer (Dublin)

Arup Consulting Engineering, (Limerick)

Fitzpatrick Associates and Grant Thorton, (Dublin)

Brady Shipman Martin, landscape architecture (Limerick)

Arup Consulting Engineers, (Limerick)

Kerrigan Sheanon Newman, Chartered Quantity Surveyors, (Dublin)

CBA Consulting Engineers, (Cork)

Southside/Ballinacurra Weston

(Treaty Design)

Elliott Maguire Landers  (Limerick) Architects

Urban Initiatives (Dublin) - Planning

Healy and Partners (Limerick) - Architects

Sean Harrington  (Dublin) - Architects

Alan Mee  (Limerick) Architects

Michael Punch and Partners  (Limerick) Engineers

St. Marys Park

A team of consultants lead by Murray O’Laoire Architects with Lawlor & Partners were commissioned to finalise the st.Marys Park plan. They had also worked on the previous St. Mary’s Plan stategy as commissioned by Limerick City Council.

The Regeneration of St. Marys Park was added to the Remit of the Northside Regeneration Agency in March 2008.

The Agencies integrated the work already carried out on this Project with the Social and Economic concepts contained in the Moyross and Southill Vision Statements and worked towards agreement, also by the end of September 2008. The agency appointed a Project manager Mr Brian Geaney to the St. Marys Park job on 10th March 2008.

The Planning Teams worked under the leadership of Ms. Claire Feeney, the Agency’s Project Manager for Master Planning.

The other three social Project Managers continued to work with a range of State Agencies and Local Organisations in order to develop a comprehensive set of Social Regeneration Recommendations and plans to add to the Physical and Economic Plan.

This process reiterated our objective to achieve an overall and comprehensive social, economic and physical Regeneration of the Moyross, St. Mary’s Park, Southill and Ballinacurra Weston Areas of Limerick City.

In achieving this we recognised the particular difficulties on the social side but we also recognised the priority and importance of achieving Social Regeneration in order to achieve long term sustainability.

The Programme was finalised at the end of September 2008. It encompasses the Moyross Housing Estates, St Marys Park and Adjacent Lands on the Northside of the city and the Estates and adjacnet lands in Southill and Ballinacurra Weston on the Southside of the City.

The Programme will effectively become a Development Framework to be enshrined in the Statutory Development Plans of Limerick City and County thus bringing long term certainty for Developers, Landowners and Planning Authorities in the Areas involved.

There will be significant demolition in the Housing Estates designated for Regeneration and the Programme contains a clear strategy for implementation with flexibility to fast track key infrastructure such as new housing and community facilities.

The Programme will place very strong emphasis on the Social elements of Regeneration and the programme will have clear and implementable strategies on Education, Childcare, Youth, Sport, Health, Community Safety Etc. A Significant indication of such emphasis is the appointment by the agencies of four key regeneration project managers with the following remits:

  • Education
  • Children, Youth family support and sport
  • Health and well being

A fourth Project Manager has responsibility for Planning, and Physical/Economic Development.

The Agencies have ensured that the Programme contains an integrated and strateagic Planning context which takes account of the national, regional, sub-regional, city and local dimensions of such an important Regeneration Programme. Concentration on these strategic issues led to a decision to amalgamate the three proposed plans i.e, Moyross, St.Marys park and Southill/Ballinacurra Weston into a single Limerick Regeneration Programme while at the same time still focussing clearly on the original and very important task of Regeneration in the three areas. The Draft Limerick Regeneration Programme was presented to Limerick City Council on Tuesday 28th October, where it received strong support.